Read: Mary Austin Holley, TEXAS (1836)

TEXAS, by Mary Austin Holley. (Originally published  July 1836.) Texas State Historical Association, 1985.

A sort of combination of a short geography, history and promotional brochure and legal guide for Anglo settlement in Texas, written during the Texas Revolution and including a closing chapter with a Texian history of the events of the war.

For attitudes towards Tejanos and Mexicans, see Chapter VII, Inhabitants–Society and Manners, and numerous references to Mexicans, “Anglo-Saxons”/Anglo-Americans, race and war sentiments in Stephen F. Austin’s “Address…” from March 7, 1836, reprinted on p. 253 et seq. For attitudes towards Indians, see especially Chapter VIII, Indians. For legal regulations on Indians and trade under Mexican governance, see Art. 19 of the Colonization Law of the State of Coahuila and Texas, reprinted p. 209.

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